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Brake Repairs and Brake Maintenance in Tulsa, OK

Your brakes are one of the most important features in your vehicle, so why take any chances with your safety by relying on inferior or rebuilt brake components? Your brake system consists of many parts, and all of them need to perform at their best to give you maximum safety and reliability.
Whether your brake light is on, or your brake pads are in serious need of replacement, the certified mechanics at AVP Automotive have the expertise to diagnose and fix every problem effectively. We’re committed to helping you get back on the road safely as soon as possible!

lexus brake repair tulsa

Signs that your Lexus needs Brake Repairs

Ideally, even the smallest braking problems should be addressed as soon as possible, even if the brake light is on with no other effects on your vehicle’s braking performance. Left unchecked, brake system issues can be catastrophic for your safety. 

Here are some of the most common signs that your vehicle needs an immediate brake inspection or repairs:

  • The brake light is on, without the emergency brake being engaged
  • The brake pedal feels worn, spongy, or almost reaches the floor when you press it
  • Your vehicle takes longer to stop, drifts to one side when you brake, or wobbles at highway speeds
  • The brakes squeal, screech, grind or make other loud noises when pressed

Schedule a Lexus brake inspection by calling  918-289-8430, or visit us in Tulsa immediately if you notice any of these signs in your vehicle. 

Brake Repair Services in Tulsa

Some brake repairs that we can help you with include:

- Lexus brake fluid flushes

Brake fluid absorbs moisture from the air over time, causing your brake system’s performance to dip, sometimes even resulting in a damaged system. The experienced technicians at AVP Automotive can perform regular fluid flushes to ensure that your brake system is always topped up with fresh fluid. 

- Lexus brake pads and shoe replacement

Are your brake pads looking spongy and worn out? Do you hear squealing or grinding noises when you hit the brakes? It may be time to replace your brake pads and shoes. Visit us in Tulsa to discuss your brake pad repairs if you notice any signs of cracking or wear and tear. 

- Lexus brake caliper replacement

Your brake caliper clamps around your rotor, pressing the pads against the rotor to slow down your vehicle. Brake caliper problems cause uneven braking and longer stopping times, making it dangerous to drive especially in bad weather conditions. Call us to fix uneven braking today!

- Lexus rotor resurfacing

Rotors attach to your wheel, doing the primary job of bringing the wheels (and your vehicle) to a stop. Cracks and grooves affect your braking performance and need to be repaired immediately. Bring your vehicle into AVP Automotive for a full brake inspection and rotor resurfacing.

- Lexus brake hose repair

Brake hoses carry pressurized brake fluid, and crushed or leaking hoses can cause slow braking or complete brake failure. Keep yourself safe on the roads by getting your brake hoses professionally repaired by our mechanics at the first sign of wear and tear.