Lexus Tulsa Oil Changes by a Certified Master Technician

What You Need to Know About Lexus Oil Changes

The dealership wants you to bring your vehicle in for an oil change.  They even offer your first year oil change free of charge.  That seems nice!  Keep in mind that after the oil change your vehicle will need other mileage maintenance items.  This is where AVP Automotive is your friend.  Aaron built AVP on a generous price break from what the Lexus dealerships offer.  You can expect to pay about half the labor of a dealership for any repair performed at AVP.


Newer Lexus models typically require Toyota Genuine Motor Oil SAE 0W-20. Things to know about this synthetic motor oil:

Prices can range from $10-$15 per quart if you purchase it yourself, with 5-8 quarts required for a full oil change depending on the size of your engine.  Synthetic motor oil is designed to improve fuel economy, to start the engine more easily in cold weather, and to be longer-lasting. 

Older Lexus models typically use conventional Toyota Genuine Motor Oil 5W-30.  The cost is lower, but may not last as long.

When you change your oil, the oil filter will need to be changed as well.  If you wonder why read our notes on oil changes Oil filters can cost anywhere between $5 and $30, depending on whether they are aftermarket parts or genuine OEM parts. Aftermarket oil filters tend to cost less, keep in mind you may need an adapter to get the right fit, which eliminates your price saving. So if you want to change your Lexus oil yourself, the total cost of the oil filter and the oil could range between $55 and $150.  And then there is the need to dispose of the old oil, which is an environmental concern.


Depending on the model of your vehicle your price will vary from $49.95 which covers 5qts, a new OEM filter and a basic inspection.  We can help you determine the frequency of oil changes.  Using synthetic oil typically lasts 10,000 miles.  Conventional oil vehicles, typically need an oil change every 5,000 miles. As your Lexus gets older, the more frequently it may require oil changes.


If your Lexus is in need of an oil change, or other routine maintenance, schedule an appointment with AVP Automotive.  All oil changes include a new filter, we always recommend you use the OEM air filter.  And AVP provides a FREE basic inspection with your oil change.

When weighing the benefits of getting your car serviced by professionals, you should also factor in the additional services that are included in the Lexus oil change prices. Here is what you can expect with your Lexus oil change:

  • Inspect and adjust all fluid levels
  • Replace engine oil; replace oil filter
  • Replace cabin air filter
  • Visually inspect brake pads, calipers and rotors