How Oil Changes Help You and Your Car

Why_Oil_Changes matter to the efficiency and reliability of your car.

Oil has been referred to as the life blood of your car.  Your vehicle efficiency depends on clean oil, which helps you save on gas (you get better mileage).  Clean oil helps your engine last longer and minimizes opportunity for a breakdown.

Your automobiles oil has three enemies.                    

1. Dirt 
2. Combustion by-products
3. Chemical reactions

The mechanics of your engine uses pistons moving up and down to generate power.  The mechanical movement means you will have wear and tear.  During wear and tear microscopic bits chip off due to friction.   

When the gasoline that fuels your engine burns, it creates an ash like by-product, The by-product is moved thru the engine with the oil. Ask Aaron about the use of fuels that reduce the by-product.

Oil itself is changed at a molecular level with each heating and cooling cycle.  The oil will start to degrade and turn black.

When you get an oil change you need to also change the oil filter.  Your oil filter will catch these particles.  Some particles are too tiny and evade the system.  Clean oil and a clean filter will keep your automobile running longer and use less gas. That is good for the environment.

Your car is an extension of your life.  It carries you, your family and your friends, safely, to many different places.  Your automobile is a complex system of mechanics, hydraulics and electronics, that we count on to get us where we need to go reliably and efficiently.

Don't_Wait for these Signs to Change/Check Your Oil.

  • Check Oil Light is on
  • Check Engine Light is illuminated
  • Oil is grimy

With a regular Mileage Maintenance Plan, you can extend the life of your vehicle.

Do_Follow Mileage Maintenance guidelines for your vehicle and driving habits.


You need to realize that engine use plays a huge role in how long your engines oil will efficiently protect your engine.  There are many variables which include your average distance of driving, the type of oil you are using, how frequently you drive and weather conditions. 
A simple answer would be every 6 months or 5000 miles.  However, if your using synthetic oil (which is more expensive); you can change your oil less frequently (which saves you money).  ==> Reach out to AVP to learn how often you need to change your oil.

Why is synthetic oil better than regular oil?

Synthetic oil is cleaner and reduces your automobile emissions.  That is good for the environment. Synthetic oil saves you money with better fuel mileage and fewer oil changes.  Synthetic oil protects your engine by keeping it cleaner and reducing the breakdown of oil due to chemical reactions. 

Top 4 Reasons to use Synthetic Oil in your next oil change.

  1. Fewer emissions
  2. Better fuel economy
  3. High engine protection
  4. All weather protection

AVP Automotive provides Oil Changes in Tulsa OK

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