Tulsa Brake Service - Pads, Drums and Rotors

Do Not wait for your brakes to fail.

Even the smallest braking problems should be addressed as soon as possible, even if the brake light is on with no other effects on your vehicle’s braking performance. Left unchecked, brake system issues can be catastrophic for your safety.

Maintenance always extends the life or your brakes.

Plan on checking your brake fluid annually.  At AVP we check your brake fluid when you get an oil change.  

Brake fluid operates under high pressure and high temperature to help the various components in your brake system run smoothly. Over time, brake fluid will begin to degrade and will not work properly.  Replacing brake fluid can help to ensure that the system continues working properly.

Do you hear a noise when you brake? Does your car vibrate when you come to even a gradual stop? Those are signs of the brake pads and disc wearing down. It’s recommended that drivers check their brakes every 10,000 to 13,000 miles, but if you’re already noticing signs of deterioration then a check-up should be performed immediately. Bring your vehicle into AVP and let us know what is happenung.  If the brake pads are showing wear to the extent that much of the pad can’t be seen, then need to have them replaced.